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People are loving our Produce Boxes

We love our Farm Bound box because it offers the freshest ingredients, sourced from reputable and organic farmers who have excellent quality fruits, vegetables, and other products. I am proud to say that I am reducing my footprint by purchasing products that are making a difference in the world. It is important that we as consumers find the best source of product to better our economies, shorten the distance between farm and table and rely on producers that want to offer quality goods at reasonable costs.

We love Farm Bound and are very happy to support this wonderful company. Plus its delivered to your door!


Janice and Michael

We live in Prince George and started ordering from Farm Bound in February 2020 for healthy, organic foods while I was pregnant and have never looked back! We initially went with the empty-nester mixed fruit/vegetable/snack box and changed to a fruit box with the breakfast add on for summer. Bacon, eggs, sourdough bread, and the most delicious Okanagan fruits are such a treat every week! We also get a monthly meat box and this has helped us try new recipes and cut down on the stress of grocery shopping (especially during COVID and with a new baby). It makes us feel good to spend our grocery money supporting BC farmers while obtaining good tasting, environmentally friendly, and humane food each week!

Andrea McLellan

My family discovered Farm Bound in the summer of 2019 and we have been ordering weekly, I absolutely love this service and tell everyone I know how wonderful it is!

I have my weekly order set to the Large Farm Box, but it’s easy to switch it up to a try a new box or add extras to my order. The produce is beautiful, the driver is so friendly, there are lots to choose from, and Farm Bound always quickly answers any questions. I am so very grateful for this service!

Nicole Crichton

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