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Bone Broth, Chicken Wild Moon

Out of stock

Certified Organic Free-range
Chicken Bone Broth
(by Pro-Cert Organic Systems Ltd.)

"We start with the carcasses and feet of certified organic, free-range adult chickens and we, once again, mix them with spring water and an assortment of organic veggies, spices, healing herbs and mushrooms and seal and simmer them for 42 hours.

The broth is equally fantastic for sipping—it’s even yummy over ice— or use in recipes and it’s definitely a fan fave."

Ingredients: Pure Mountain Water, Chicken Bones (organic), Carrots (organic), Celery (Organic), Onion (Organic), Garlic (Organic), Apple Cider Vineger (Organic), Pink Himalayam Salt, Spice Blend (Organic: Black Pepper Corn, Thyme, Parsley, Rosemarry, Sage, Bay Leaves), Chaga Mushroom (Organic), Astragalus Root (Organic), Schisandra Berries (Organic), Kelp (Organic), Nettle Leaf (Organic), Reishi Mushroom (Organic)

"Wild Moon Organic Bone Broth is our take on an age-old staple made by our grandmothers and great-grandmothers. Although they didn’t understand the science behind their homemade broths, they did understand the incredible healing and restorative benefits of a rich quality bone broth.

From homemade chicken soup to pigs foot jelly, bone broth has been keeping people healthy for thousands of years and we’re simply continuing this time-honoured tradition.

Here at Wild Moon Organic Bone Broth, we use the BEST organic ingredients possible—organic vegetables and organic grass-fed beef and free-range chicken, plus we add in healing organic herbs and mushrooms (for extra anti-inflammatory, anti-ageing, and restorative benefits).

We slow simmer everything for 42 hours with Apple Cider Vinegar to produce a rich and concentrated, nutrient-dense, organic bone broth that is, in a word, magical."


"We make one of the only commercially available certified organic bone broths in Canada. The bones we use come from animals that are organic, pasture-raised, grass-fed and finished, and grown with love and respect! Since a quality bone broth extracts everything from around and inside the bones, it is critical that the animals whose bones we use are not only in excellent health and are of the highest quality, but also free from hormones, antibiotics and toxins from grain."

"Added Healing Herbs and Mushrooms

We add four powerful medicinal herbs and mushrooms into our bone broths to enhance and expand their effectiveness and healthful benefits. With properties ranging from anti-inflammatory to detoxification to immune strengthening to energy balancing, added Reishi mushrooms, Schisandra berries, Kelp and Nettle are all well-known and beneficial additions to our broths. Each container of Wild Moon Organic Bone Broth includes 350 mg of these four ingredients."

"42-Hour Simmered Bone Broth

There are not a lot of bone broth companies out there who simmer their broth for more than 24 hours. In fact, many only cook theirs for 12 hours or less. We simmer ours (never boiling it) for 42 hours, the optimal time to ensure all the minerals and nutrients locked inside the bones are all released into the broth. While a soup stock is usually made over the course of a few hours or maybe even the better part of a day, a properly extracted bone broth (especially for large animal bone broth) is made over a period of 36–48 hour"

"Always Sealed, Never Boiled

We produce our broth in a sealed, digitally controlled Italian cooker at a temperature just below boiling. Our process ensures maximum extraction without damaging any nutrients specific to bone broth.
Our sealed unit also ensures that the flavour stays locked in and preserved and doesn’t have a chance to evaporate"

"Rich and Concentrated

When it comes to making bone broth, bones are key and the higher the concentration of bones to water, the higher the quality of broth and the richer the nutrient content. We use an extremely high concentration of bones to water— 1 lb of bones to 1 L of water—in our broths, which is one of the highest in the Canadian industry. In fact, our high protein levels are only achievable because of the high concentration of bones and our lengthy extraction time. The combination makes for a rich and concentrated broth that goes a long way because it can be diluted (if desired) when sipping or using in recipes."

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