By subscribing to Farm Bound deliveries you agree to:

  • Manage your account through our online system including but not limited to weekly subscriptions, substitutions, skipping boxes, additions, payments, and special instructions.
  • Cancel or change your order no later than the Sunday before delivery at 11 pm.
  • Pay for your order before shipment. If payment has not been made you agree that Farm Bound Organics Ltd will automatically charge the credit card on your customer account for outstanding balances. If you do not provide us with a credit card, a deposit equivalent to one week's deliveries is required to secure the account.
  • Let us know if at any time you are not satisfied with your product or our service so that we can rectify the problem.
  • Agree to the subscription to our newsletter and any other promotional notices we send out.

Please read the following details about our service

  • Through our online system, you can make changes to your box, manage your subscriptions, make additions, cancel a week, etc. If you need support setting up you can give us a call
  • There is an option to select items you don't like as "never send" and items you really like as "always send". If you select an item as "never send" it will automatically be removed from your box. You will have until Sunday at 6 pm to pick a substitution. Don't worry if you miss it, we will fill your box for you from your "always send" list, or whatever else looks great that is closest in value.
  • We guarantee our products 100% at delivery.
  • Box changes and cancellations must be done by Sunday at 6 pm. Orders are placed with the farm on Sunday night. You agree that if the cancellation is not submitted by Sunday at 6 pm your credit card will be charged for your order.
  • You will receive an email on Friday evenings letting you know that the boxes are available for changes and reminding you that you can add more items or boxes.
  • Farm Bound may need to substitute a box item without notice due to last-minute quality or availability concerns. We ship what is fresh and what is best! Please make sure you update your preferences so we don't substitute something you don't like.
  • If no changes are made to your account, you are agreeing to a regular delivery of a standard (and awesome!) Farm Box.
  • Going on holiday or don't need a box this week? You can cancel a Box by selecting the 'skip a week' feature in the top menu bar.

By providing you with the Farm Bound Box we agree to:

  • Stand behind our produce 100%. If you aren't happy with something in your box please let us know! Also, if we forgot to pack something (hey we are human!) don't be shy, tell us. We will either refund that item, replace it next week, or send something else really delicious in your next box,
  • Provide you with Certified Organic and holistically grown food and goods that are ethically produced and as close to us as possible.
  • Let you know of any changes in delivery schedule or terms as soon as possible by the method of email.
  • We will not share your personal information with any third party. The information you provide us stays with us.


  • Need to cancel? No problem! Although we will miss you we understand. Please let us know as soon as possible so we can plan ahead. Cancellations MUST be made before Sunday at 11 pm.

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